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Map of New HotelNew Hotel is a really New Hotel which added to the chains of Thien Phu Co., Ltd. with 2 hotels in Hanoi, Vietnam. The hotel was built and completed in early 2009 with a youthful style and completely designed modern with 5 floors and 15 rooms as International standard.

The hotel will bring the convenience, luxury and warmth to tourists and merchants as a second home in Hanoi. New hotel is located in center city, that has a high security and safety area. It very closed to the Embassy of Australia, Zoo park, Central Conference, ...

It's not only rather close but also very easy and get avoid of traffic jam to get to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter of Hanoi Capital, convenient for all travelers to Vietnam to travel and learn the history of the Hanoi capital.

This is also a dining area for tourists, especially for Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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